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Window Caulking:

Sealing Exterior/Interior cracks and seams is an important part of home maintenance. It reduces entry of air, dirt, and moisture into the house and contributes to lower heating and cooling costs.

Important exterior areas requiring attention are the joints between your:

  • Chimney and siding
  • Eaves and gable molding
  • Window sill and siding
  • Window drip cap and siding
  • Window sash and siding
  • Windows and masonry
  • Door frames
  • Masonry or concrete (steps, porches, etc) and main parts of house
  • Inside corners formed by siding

A good interior caulking will increase the comfort of your home immeasurably:

  • Where pipes enter
  • Where vents exit
  • Between fireplace and walls
  • Between sheets of paneling
  • Door frames
  • Windows
  • Build-in Cabinets
  • Inside closets
  • Outlets and Switch plates

Window Caulking
Window Caulking
Window Caulking